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Although freshly founded, the Company is all set for a very special success story. A member of the 30 year old UNICON group, it will set several standards as the benchmark which our competitors will strive to meet. The fact that the group is not proudly resting on its laurels but rather is pursuing a forward looking policy in all respects is clearly demonstrated by the Company’s product range. And conscious of our responsibilities we think we are on the right track.


Products... like CFL lamp holders, starter holders and accessories are some of the examples of our innovative ideas and foresightedness with which UNILITE is soon being established as a brand leader. We are building up an impressive stock of standard products that fulfill many needs. These products are conveniently available off the shelf on quick delivery schedules at reasonable prices.

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Precision Tool Making

Precision Toolmaking.… High quality manufacturing, demands high quality precision tools. Unilite has its own toolmaking department, where enthusiastic and experienced toolmakers work under expert guidance and construct specialized equipment required to manufacture products to the highest standards. In-house toolmaking ensures that the company is independent of outside contractors. Highly qualified specialists are employed in the toolroom and they are trained in the apprentice workshop. They are equipped to perform reliably to the product developers satisfaction, working closely with the department heads to turn dreams into reality.

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Manufacturing.… Our experience and investment in the most modern equipments are used to optimize performance right from R&D, tooling, manufacturing, inspection, quality assurance, packing etc in order to satisfy you, our Customer. This is a serious commitment for UNILITEs’ young and dynamic workforce with the necessary engineering skills and technical know-how and also with the benefit of working in ideal working conditions in state-of-the art production facilities for ‘Precision and Perfection’.

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Quality... at UNILITE, Quality is the responsibility of each and everyone!
Before reaching series production, each Unilite product is extensively tested. The right attitude of every single employee in our Company is decisive in maintaining our quality philosophy. A close co-operation from suppliers, employees and customers ensures the continuous high quality of our products. Our commitment of Total Quality Assurance is a never-ending process of relentless improvement for greater Customer satisfaction. The well documented quality control of our production process, regular quality audits and intensive quality training programs have gained approvals like CE, UL, ISO 9001:2008.

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Always there to help 24 x 7

Unilite is here for you as it is our responsibility to support you and continuously ensure your satisfaction by catering to your needs.…promptly. Whether it is a new product inquiry or sample / quote request, or an answer to a troubling question, we know you are used to making high demands on us, and it is our ongoing goal to fulfill your wishes and to exceed your expectations. Responding with initiative and fast decision making, we believe that the level of service we provide has an important impact on you, our Customer. To an extent, UNILITE can rightly claim to have a long standing commitment to giving a more universal meaning to the phrase “Customer Care”. And…. we have to keep you smiling!

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Evironmental Awareness an important obligation!

Environmental protection is not an empty promise for us…in fact is it becoming more and more important to use resources responsibly and economically in order to maintain the quality of living for the future. In order to meet this claim, our products are RoHS compliant – by restricting the use of hazardous substances. Moreover, the materials used in our products are recycled to be used again and it guarantees a minimum of environment contamination. Our products are holders for energy saving lamps i.e. CFL which are environment friendly and we too in a small way contribute to the cause of minimizing ‘Global Warming’.

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Corporate Milestone

"Quality First, Customer Priority” is the milestone set by UNILITE to assure our reliable reputation. Strongly holding on to our concept of “Spirit of Partnership” we strengthen administration functions, increase production capacities and enhance our expertise to sharpen our edges. We put a lot of stress on employee education and training. Our goal is not just to look forward to high quarterly profits but rather to build a solid company and serve our customers and make our employees proud & feel they too contribute.

Open communication, short lines for decisions and team oriented thinking moves the company forward and with hearts and minds involved we pledge to deliver what we promise.

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Innovation A tradition!

Exploiting our wealth of state-of-the art development facilities and taking advantage of time honored flexibility, it is our tradition and commitment for continuous development of new products. As one does not achieve a thing by standing still and anticipating the demands of markets, we continue our progress in near future with the introduction of modular switches & accessories, wire trunking systems, electro-magnetic ballasts and electronic ballasts, LED lights etc. And moreover our engineering ingenuity will translate quality into lower unit costs than you expect!

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