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To ensure that lampholders and starterholders are correctly installed within the luminaire, reference should be made to EN/IEC 60598. This is also important in determining, that the rated characteristics and operating temperatures of these components, as shown in the catalog, comply with the requirements of the standard.

Specific recommendations:
The rated voltage and current values of the lampholder, starterholder should be consistent with the ratings for the luminaries.
The type and size of cables must be consistent with the values of the appropriate component, as shown in the catalog.
Lampholders which consist of more than one part should be assembled in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction.
Lampholders and starterholders must be assembled into the luminaries in a manner which ensures compliance with the mechanical stresses quoted in the standard.
Where lampholders are used in pairs (e.g. types for linear fluorescent lamps), the manufacturer’s instructions must be followed exactly in order to ensure correct lamp support and electrical connection.
In some cases (e.g. extra low voltage halogen lamps) appropriate lamp supports must be used in order to assure the mechanical retention of the lamp.
Generally, the testing institutes agreements provide for luminaries final working test at the end of the production line, independently from the requests of products certification, it is recommended to always carry out this test with the purpose to verify the correct operation of the luminaire.
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The distributor should provide its customer with guidance regarding the correct use of all components supplied.

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Main supply should always be turned offer before replacing the lamp.
A qualified person should carry out the replacement and installation of lampholders and starterholders.
Power should never be applied to any lampholder unless the lamp is in position, as live parts may be accessible under these conditions.
Faulty lamp or lamps which are nearing the end of their useful life should be changed immediately, as the abnormal operation of such lamps may cause overheating and subsequent damage to the lampholder or starterholder.
Where lampholders show obvious signs of deterioration these components should be changed immediately and the cause of any abnormal operating parameters which may have contributed to the deterioration should be investigated.
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